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Choosing the correct hand wraps for Muay Thai or Boxing

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If you’ve been around the sport of Muay Thai for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen people wrapping their hands before slipping on their gloves. Handwraps should be in every Muay Thai athlete’s gear bag for a number of reasons. Handwraps protect your knuckles and give extra stability to your wrist and hand, both of which are incredibly important if you plan on continuing to train for any length of time without needless injuries arising.

How to choose handwraps:

Step 1) Choose a style

There are two main types of handwraps: Mexican style and traditional cotton. The primary difference between the two is in the elasticity of the wrap, though there are other factors to consider, as well.

-Traditional cotton handwraps, like the Fairtex Hw2 wraps, have less give and stretch to them. They require a little bit of a learning curve to master the “feel” that you prefer, but are typically more durable than their counterpart.

-Mexican style handwraps, such as Northern Fight Co. Mexican Wraps, have elasticity and stretch to them. Their elasticity often makes getting a good, tight fit a little bit easier to master. Mexican style wraps also tend to stay put longer while training.

Step 2) Choose a length

Handwraps come in a wide variety of lengths. Unless you have very small hands or are shopping for a child, it’s usually best to go with the 180” (jn this case, the general rule is that bigger is better). You can always wrap the extra around a few more times, but running out of wrap before you’re comfortable and satisfied with your wrap is always unfortunate.

Once you’ve decided on your style and length, all that’s left is to pick a color, which of course, is all personal opinion. Grab your wraps, learn to wrap your hands, and get to punching!

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