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How to I choose the right boxing gloves for me

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Having the right equipment can be the difference between progress and frustration. Just like with every other sport or hobby boxing requires at least a bare minimum of specific gear. If you are into boxing you may consider yourself lucky, the things you need are really not that much compared to many other sports. And this is without taking into account the immense physical and psychological benefits you get from boxing that are nearly unmatched.
With that said, you still need some equipment to practice effectively. Boxing equipment has two main purposes- to be comfortable and to provide sufficient protection. The sport of boxing is tough and demanding as it is and there’s really no need to make it even harder using gear that’s not right for you, is getting in the way or is not protecting you from injuries. So we will help you with the right choice of a few key pieces of gear for boxing all of which you can find in the Warrior Fight Store.
Boxing gloves
By far the boxing gloves are the most important piece of gear out of the bunch. You will use them for almost everything in the gym- bag work, pads, drills and sparring. The main purpose of the glove contrary to popular belief is to protect the hands, not so much the head of the opponent. The hands feature some of the smallest bones in the body that are responsible for the finest skills you possess-drawing, writing, sewing- you get the point. The skull on the other hand, especially the forehead is one of the thickest bones. The boxing gloves were first introduced to keep fighters from breaking their hands all the time. Of course the padding also protects the skin and greatly reduces the occurrence of cuts and bruises on the face. This is why it’s very important to use good quality gloves for both yours and your training partner’s sake.
Size: With the introduction out of the way let’s look at the details. You probably already know boxing gloves come in different ounces (OZ). They represent the weight and the amount of padding on the glove. The size of the glove grows with the increase in weight, but still the OZ is not indicative of its overall size inside and out, just it’s weight. If you want to check how much space is there inside the glove your best option is to go to the store and try a few different brands personally.
Most boxing gyms spar ONLY in 16oz gloves, so if you plan on sparring you will definitely need one pair. For bag and pad work 10 or 12 oz. gloves, which are the competition sizes are a much better choice.The padding of the gloves gets smashed from punching on the bag and pads, so it’s best to have two pairs- one for sparring and one for bags.
Velcro or lace up: The other main difference between boxing gloves is their closure method. They can be either lace up or velcro. Lace ups are technically better, because they provide a much tighter and customizable fit. The downside is that someone needs to put them on your hands and lace them properly, which is not very convenient for day to day practice. Velcro closure takes care of this problem, and this makes them the most commonly used type for training in the gym. Lace up gloves are usually used only in competition or by professional fighters who have a team helping them in every session.
Cleto Reyes offer top of the line quality and have proven themselves as one the top boxing brands since their inception in the 1940s. If you watch a high caliber boxing fight there is a good chance at least one of the fighters is using the Mexican brand. There are quite a few models to choose from, both lace ups and Velcro. In the boxing world the “Reyes” is known as a punchers glove for it’s lightweight feel and slimmer profile. If you are looking at professional level boxing gloves Cleto Reyes is a great choice.
Rival- Another premium quality brand is the Canadian owned Rival. Their gloves are a blend оf different types of gloves and are a bit more modern and innovative. The designs are quite unique and recognizable. Although targeted to the high end of boxing gear, they still have some mid-priced models for bag work. Their professional models however are truly top of the line and won’t disappoint even those with the highest requirements.
Northern fight Co- If you are just starting out and don’t want to spend top dollar Northern Fight Co offer some very affordable boxing gloves. These would be a very nice choice for first gloves. Many people are uncertain if they will continue training for long enough and prefer not to spend a lot of money when just starting out.
Head gear
Boxing sparring is done with headgear and in many places it’s mandatory. The main role of the headgear is to prevent cuts and bruises, but the padding also helps a bit with brain damage. A good head gear should fit tight on your head, impair vision as little as possible while providing the best protection.
The two main types of boxing headgear are the traditional model with a bar on the nose and the Mexican style with more cheek protection and without the bar. You can find other types designed for MMA but can also be used for boxing. There are probably a few pieces lying around in the gym, which you can least try and see which one you prefer before ordering your own.
For brands the advice is the same as with the boxing gloves. Cleto Reyes offer the classic tried and tested versions that are still perfectly viable today, while Rival have a bit more variety, but both are premium quality. If you are still unsure what you need you can safely choose Northern Fight Co and not be disappointed.
Groin protection
The boxing low blow protector is unique only for the sport of boxing. Other martial arts use simple cups that protect the groin, but the low blow protector also guards the hips and most lower part of the belly. In boxing everything below the belt line is considered a foul and this created the need for a specific type of protection. The main consideration with the low blow protector is the size and closure method. The different types of protector vary in their size and some protect only the vital parts, while others also partially cover the kidneys and the side of the hips. The other main consideration is the size, that’s why it’s very important to pick the right one for you that won’t reduce your mobility in the ring.
Boxing shoes
Footwork is critical in boxing and having the right shoes will let you stay light on your feet and move freely around the ring. The boxing shoe has a lot of features that set it apart from other types of sports shoes. Traction and support are the two main factors. The grip has to be just right, not too much so you can pivot freely, but enough that it prevents unwanted sliding around. They also have to be lightweight and flexible.
Most features in boxing shoes are shared between the different models and the main choice you will have to make is the top height. Mid tops offer more mobility but less ankle support and the high tops flip the script.
The other thing is the thickness of the sole, some people prefer thinner soles, other thicker ones. The ankle strap is also something that differentiates between models, but it can get a mid cut shoe the extra ankle stability with the more loose feel of the lower cut.
When trying boxing shoes make sure the fit is tight with no movement of the foot inside with no pain and discomfort. Walk, lunge and pivot in the shoe a bit to make sure you are comfortable with the movements you will be making in the ring.
Choosing the right boxing gear can be a bit daunting when you open all the possibilities, but with this guide we hope we’ve made the job a bit easier. Everyone has their preferences, but you can be sure we can meet your expectations at the Warrior Fight Store.

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