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Coach Sparring Gloves

Coach’s Sparring Glove


Out of stock

SKU #: BGV13


Fairtex Coach Sparring Gloves are made with Top Quality Microfibre Material and are Engineered to Fit Naturally to The Trainers Hands. These pads have shock-absorbing, high-density foam core and an open palm design.

  • Available size: approximately 14 oz.
  • Combines pad work with sparring
  • Extra padding on the palm area
  • Easy to form a fist
  • Durable microfibre shell


  • High-quality coach spar mitts from Fairtex. The ultimate innovation for combining pad work with sparring.
  • Open palm design but still easy to form a fist. Extra padding on the palm area.
  • Available in one size, approximately 14oz.
  • With a ‘Micro Fibre’ outer shell the same high-quality odorless material used in the world-famous ‘MADDOX’ range grappling dummy.
  • Tough and durable.


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